2001年 01月 01日

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask [NARJ]

Super Hookshot [ukuneko]
293222D0 0000000B
29322C36 00000258
4E000018 00000000
14000000 F6000002
14000004 80A080FF
E0000000 80008000
F6000002 80A080FF
40820010 7CFF4214
81E700CC 480001EC
14000000 48000010
E0000000 80008000
29322C36 00000258
48000000 80003200
DE000000 80008180
1200020A 0000009A
E0000000 80008000
(Note:Use the code of "Item pointer Adress/ID Checker1" together.)

Walk Under Water (R+B ON/OFF) [ukuneko]
20AEB0AC 80C300DC
28F20170 00000220
04AEB0A8 D103019C
CC000000 00000000
04AEB0A8 D283019C
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
(Include Use most items under water)

Item pointer Adress/ID Checker1 [ukuneko]
273222A4 81000000
253222A4 80000000
C0000000 00000006
3E408132 825222A4
2C120000 4182001C
3E6000F2 62731F20
7D729A14 916C3200
810B0000 910C3204
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C2AD76C4 00000003
3E808000 91543200
91543204 92E7F710
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Pointer address/ID of Bombchus, Bomb, and Arrow is
confirmed by using this code.
The result is stored in 0x80003200,0x80003204.
For the modification of Bombchus, Bomb, and Arrow.

Bomb ZeroGravity [ukuneko]
28003204 00000009
48000000 80003200
DE000000 80008180
14000078 00000000
E0000000 80008000
(Note:Use the code of "Item pointer Adress/ID Checker1" together.)

Bombchus Speed modifer [ukuneko]
28003204 0000006A
48000000 80003200
DE000000 80008180
1400017C xxxxxxxx
E0000000 80008000
Fast 42A00000
Defult 41000000
Slow 3F000000
(Note:Use the code of "Item pointer Adress/ID Checker1" together.)

Flash Link [ukuneko]
01322CE3 00000001

Actor object resize [ukuneko]
C2B03C58 0000000E
8387003C 7F93E378
2C130000 40820014
3E608132 827322A4
2C130000 41820044
7E134214 82900058
2C140000 41820034
3E4080F2 A2520170
2C120008 4082000C
3FD40010 48000010
2C120004 40820014
3FD4FFF0 93D00058
93D0005C 93D00060
83870038 3A000000
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
1 While L-Targeting, up/down(D-pad) to Grow/Shrink
2 Item Carrying , up/down(D-pad) to Grow/Shrink
All are not resizeable by these codes.

Actor/Object ID Checker (Press L) [ukuneko]
C2B04458 00000002
3E808111 B394166A
39600020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
It is necessary to invalidate the "Infinite Rupees".
ID of actor/object is confirmed by using this code.
For the modification of actor/object.
When you press L(target), Rupee address is stored in.
And it is, decimal.
To use it you, Hexadecimal need to convert.

Epona Infinite Carrot & floats Epona [ukuneko]
2133C3CB 00000001
0133C3F4 00000006
28F20174 0000003B
0333C228 000040CB
0333C238 00000000
E0000000 80008000
28F20174 000000C5
0333C238 0000C100
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
Floats Epona C-Stick UP/Doun

Kokiri Sword [ukuneko]
0111169D 000000x1

Razor Sword [ukuneko]
0111169D 000000x2

Gilded Sword [ukuneko]
0111169D 000000x3
x = Shield
0 - without Shield
1 - Hero's Shield
2 - Mirror Shield
(Change in play, you must move to another area.)

At any time Great Fairy's Sword [ukuneko]
0111167C 0000006F
(Assign is unnecessary to C button.)
(While riding on Epona, you can not use arrows.)

without Sword [ukuneko]
0111167C 000000FF
(B button is invalid. )

ROMANI's Balloon shooting game [ukuneko]
C0000000 00000008
3E008111 8A3056BC
2C110004 40820030
3E4080F2 A2520170
2C120120 40820010
3A31FFFD 9A3056BC
48000014 2C120160
4082000C 3A310004
9A3056BC 4E800020
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
Press A+R Reset Timer (returns to 0:00)
Press A+L+R Quit game

Have All Warp zone [ukuneko]
0331FE82 00000101
0531FE84 01010101
0531FE88 01010101

Infinite Bomb out [ukuneko]
0530ABA4 00000000

Moon jump (Press A+Z) [ukuneko]
28F20170 00000110
033221E8 000040CB
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller

Link is Invincible (A+R+Up ON/OFF) [ukuneko]
03111664 00000140
28F20170 00000128
04B4E554 2C0E0000
CC000000 00000000
01322EDC 00000010
04B4E554 48000008
05111664 00000140
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
included "All Hearts and Infinite Health" .
Please invalidate "All Hearts and Infinite Health".
At invincibility that doesn't display the Health Meter.
The current state can be confirmed.

Link Size Modifier [ukuneko]
033221D8 0000XXXX
033221DC 0000XXXX
033221E0 0000XXXX
Default 3C23

Instant day change [ukuneko]
C2B33B24 00000011
3F8080F2 A2BC0170
61573FC0 2C150061
4082000C 3A600000
4800005C 2C150068
4082000C 3A600001
4800004C 2C150062
4082000C 3A600002
4800003C 2C150064
4082000C 3A600004
4800002C 6157BFC0
615A4000 2C150102
40820024 7C19D000
4180001C 615AC000
7C19D000 41810010
48000008 9A67001B
7EF9BB78 B327000C
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
L+R+(D-pad)Left-----Go to 1st AM6
L+R+(D-pad)Up-------Go to 2nd AM6
L+R+(D-pad)Right----Go to LastAM6
L+R+(D-pad)Down-----Go to New
(The taken item doesn't disappear even if the day goes back.)
A+(D-pad)+Right-----Go to PM6

Time operate [ukuneko]
032A4852 00000003
28F20170 00000108
032A4852 0000009F
E0000000 80008100
28F20170 00000104
032A4852 0000FF61
E0000000 80008000
GCN Controller
Fast-Forwarding time A+UP(D-pad)
Fast-Rewinding time A+Down(D-pad)
(Can not revert to the previous day. Rewinding in AM6 PM6 is not to be used. Grin)

Use C Buttons Anywhere [ukuneko]
051158CC 00000000
(Do not use Giant 's Mask. )

All Hearts and Infinite Health [ukuneko]
05111664 01400140

Infinite Rupees [ukuneko]
0311166A 000003E7

Infinite Arrows [ukuneko]
031116D0 00000032

Infinite Bomb Bombchus [ukuneko]
031116D6 00002828

Infinite Deku Sticks [ukuneko]
011116D8 0000000A

Infinite Deku Nuts [ukuneko]
011116D9 00000014

Infinite Powder Keg [ukuneko]
011116DC 00000001

Infinite Magic Beans [ukuneko]
011116DA 00000063

Infinite Magic Power , x2 Magic & Defense x2 [ukuneko]
01111669 00000060
03111670 00000101
01111672 00000001

Collect Menu Full [ukuneko]
031116EA 0000201B
051116EE 000DF7CF

Have All C Item [ukuneko]
011116A0 00000000
031116A6 00000607
031116A8 00000809
011116AA 0000000A
051116AC 0C0D0E0F
011116B0 00000010

Have All Arrow Item [ukuneko]
011116A1 00000001
031116A2 00000203
011116A4 00000004

Have All Event Item [ukuneko]
011116A5 000000xx
011116AB 000000xx
011116B1 000000xx
XX See Item codes

Have All Bottle [ukuneko]
011116B2 000000xx
011116B3 000000xx
011116B4 000000xx
011116B5 000000xx
011116B6 000000xx
011116B7 000000xx
XX See Item codes

Have Deku Mask [ukuneko]
011116BD 0000004E

Have Goron Mask [ukuneko]
011116C3 0000004F

Have Zora Mask [ukuneko]
011116C9 00000050

Have Fierce Deity Mask [ukuneko]
011116CF 00000051

Have Postman's Hat [ukuneko]
011116B8 0000005A

Have All-Night Mask [ukuneko]
011116B9 00000054

Have Blast Mask [ukuneko]
011116BA 00000063

Have Stone Mask [ukuneko]
011116BB 00000061

Have Great Fairy Mask [ukuneko]
011116BC 0000005C

Have Keaton Mask [ukuneko]
011116BE 00000056

Have Bremen Mask [ukuneko]
011116BF 00000062

Have Bunny Hood [ukuneko]
011116C0 00000055

Have Don Gero's Mask [ukuneko]
011116C1 0000005E

Have Mask of Scents [ukuneko]
011116C2 00000064

Have Romani's Mask [ukuneko]
011116C4 00000058

Have Circus Leader's Mask [ukuneko]
011116C5 00000059

Have Kafei's Mask [ukuneko]
011116C6 00000053

Have Couple's Mask [ukuneko]
011116C7 0000005B

Have Mask of Truth [ukuneko]
011116C8 00000052

Have Kamaro's Mask [ukuneko]
011116CA 0000005F

Have Gibdo Mask [ukuneko]
011116CB 0000005D

Have Garo's Mask [ukuneko]
011116CC 00000057

Have Captain's Hat [ukuneko]
011116CD 00000060

Have Giant's Mask [ukuneko]
011116CE 00000065

Item Cedes

00 Ocarina of Time
01 Hero's Bow
02 Fire Arrow
03 Ice Arrow
04 Light Arrow
05 Ocarina of Fairy (N/A)(Picto Box)
06 Bomb
07 Bombchus
08 Deku Sticks
09 Deku Nuts
0A Magic Beans
0B Long Hook (N/A)(Picto Box)
0C Powder Keg
0D Picto Box
0E Lens of Truth
0F Hookshot
10 Great Fairy's Sword
11 Slingshot of Fairy (N/A)(Picto Box)

12 Bottle #1 Empty
13 Bottle #2 Red Potion
14 Bottle #3 Green Potion
15 Bottle #4 Blue Potion
16 Bottle #5 Fairy
17 Bottle #6 Deku Princess
18 Bottle #7 Milk
19 Bottle #8 Milk (Half)
1A Bottle #10 Fish
1B Bottle #11 Bug
1C Bottle #12 Blue Fire
1D Bottle #13 Poe
1E Bottle #14 Big Poe
1F Bottle #15 Spring Water
20 Bottle #16 Hot Spring Water
21 Bottle #17 Zora Egg
22 Bottle #18 Gold Dust
23 Bottle #19 Magic Mushroom
24 Bottle #20 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
25 Bottle #21 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
26 Bottle #22 Seahorse
27 Bottle #23 Chateau Romani
28 Bottle #24 Hylian Loach
29 Bottle #25 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2A Bottle #26 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2B Bottle #27 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2C Bottle #28 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2D Bottle #29 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2E Bottle #30 (N/A)(Hag Drink)
2F Bottle #31 (N/A)(Hag Drink)

30 Moon's Tear
31 Town Title Deed
32 Swamp Title Deed
33 Mountain Title Deed
34 Ocean Title Deed (N/A)
35 Poacher's Saw (N/A)
36 Broken Golon Sword (N/A)
37 Recipe (N/A)
38 Frog (N/A)
39 Eye drop (N/A)
3A Room Key
3B Special Delivery to Mama

3C Moon's Tear (N/A)
3D Moon's Tear (N/A)
3E Moon's Tear (N/A)
3F Moon's Tear (N/A)
40 Moon's Tear (N/A)
41 Moon's Tear (N/A)
42 Moon's Tear (N/A)

43 Letter to Kafei
44 Kafei's Pendant

45 Moon's Tear (N/A)
46 N/A
47 N/A
48 N/A
49 N/A
4A N/A
4B N/A
4C N/A
4D N/A

4E Deku Mask
4F Goron Mask
50 Zora Mask
51 Fierce Deity Mask
52 Mask of Truth
53 Kafei's Mask
54 All-Night Mask
55 Bunny Hood
56 Keaton Mask
57 Garo's Mask
58 Romani's Mask
59 Circus Leader's Mask
5A Postman's Hat
5B Couple's Mask
5C Great Fairy Mask
5D Gibdo Mask
5E Don Gero's Mask
5F Kamaro's Mask
60 Captain's Hat
61 Stone Mask
62 Bremen Mask
63 Blast Mask
64 Mask of Scents
65 Giant's Mask

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